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Well, at the very least I survived xmas day! It was a bit emotional....I had a few tears...well, we all did....had a nice time generally....

I drank too much wine, so I was told....and I was hitting on April big time....and was took to bed by her....

I seemed to sober up when I was with her....I came around - quite literally - with her hand on my breasts....and her tongue in my slit.....

What a nice way to come to!

Jenny was fine with tbat....I mean, we're both hookers, right? And she took April upstairs for a couple of hours of fucking....

Jenny looked like the cat that got the cream....April look sexually wore out!

I know that feeling!

Well....I behaved myself for the rest of the evening....managing to watch tbe amazing 'Dr Who' Xmas Special....and play with the toys bought for the kids....they loved them!

We watched "The Hunger Games" Karen the evening....I had a few more drinks and behaved myself....

Yeah....lovely day.....and I don't think I embarrassed myself TOO much....


Amber xx

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Posted on 08:56AM on Dec 29th, 2012
Sounds like a fun day:-)
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