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Firstly, let me wish everyone a very merry xmas.....

Tomorrow I am a little bit hesitent about....I've been feeling a little bit fragile all day today....

Just because my mum won't be around....and that, even after just over a year since her death, I still miss her....

Xmas time was akways a time of everyone coming together in my mum drinking, drugging and smoking like crazy....having fun...cracking jokes....and then, could be boxing day or the day after, my mum, my sister and my niece all going out hooking in the evening....having a great time...

Fuck....I used to get so jealous of my sister....being able to do that...each and every xmas time....this time last year I was thinking that I would be joining them....

Obviously not.....

Still, I'm sure we'll have a nice time....we'll make sure Martika's kids enjoy themselves anyways....


Amber xx

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Posted on 02:04PM on Dec 27th, 2012
I did thanks....


Amber xx
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