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Well, I was born Amber Butters, as that is my mum's surname, but had changed it over to my sister's ex husband's surname....because, let's face it, Duponte sounds much better than Butters.... Life....

I live with my partner, Jenny, in a glorious 4 bedroomed house....we bought it between us....and we've been together nearly two years now....

My first first lesbian relationship....

I'll normally get up early to do my workout downstairs whilst Jenny is still sleeping. She'll come down afterwards and will make breakfast and we'll relax and chat before I have to get ready for school....

School is ok....I love the subjects....I have a few friends....and although some of the other kids piss me off with their attitudes I really don't let them grind me down...

Let's face a variety of sports I can steamroller over the boys, let alone other girls, in my abilities! And....well....hate to brag....

BUT.....I'm in MENSA....


After school I will try to finish any assignments and homework that I might have...Jenny and I will cook and make the tea together....after we've eaten it's a mad rush to shower and change to our lives as streetwalkers....

Luckily we have 2 en suite bathrooms! Lol!

Then it's out, looking hot and sexy, fucking punters all night long....

We walk back home together....arm in arm....close the door....then it's our time....

Fun and sex with each other galore!

Then sleep....then maybe more sex before it's time to start the next day....


Amber xx

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Posted on 12:57PM on Dec 23rd, 2012
Cool - I am in Mensa also! You are very interesting. Drop me a line sometime. Merry Christmas!
Posted on 02:15AM on Dec 24th, 2012
Thank you....

Merry xmas to you too!


Amber xx
Posted on 02:33PM on Dec 26th, 2012
Yep, have an IQ score of 156....

Thank you....


Amber xx
Posted on 08:58AM on Dec 29th, 2012
Mensa wow thats amazing
Posted on 09:19AM on Dec 29th, 2012
Clever girl, aren't I ? Lol!


Amber xx
Posted on 12:10AM on Dec 30th, 2012
Is this the Mensa blog then? Brainy girls are just so sexy. You and Jenny ought to pop in to the local Mensa meeting after work one day. Don't forget to update your blog after!
Posted on 02:02AM on Dec 30th, 2012
Joe.....I'm the one in MENSA.....Jenny never took the test...



Amber xx
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